If You Have An Emergency Dial   9 1 1

Office Mailing Address:                

Clay County Sheriff's Office

41771 Hwy 77, Suite 2

Ashland, AL  36251

Dispatch:  (256) 354-2176                 Office Fax:  (256) 354-4576   

Jail Mailing Address:

Clay County Detention Center

(Please Include Inmate's Name)

41771 Hwy 77, Suite 2

Ashland, AL  36251

Jail:             (256) 354-7713                 Jail Fax:      (256) 354-2983

  • Do Not Send by mail or bring Packages for Inmates they will not be accepted without being approved prior to sending/bringing.

  • We only accept Money Orders for Inmates.  Please make sure that you have the Inmates name, the Purchasers name, address and phone number written plainly on the Money Order.

  • Visitation of Inmates require an appointment be scheduled the week prior to the visitation (appointments are scheduled:  Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm; closed on Holidays).  Visitation alternates weekly between male and female Inmates. There are no appointments available on Thursday.  Appointments are normally available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in 1 hour increments during business hours, no appointments are scheduled on Holidays.  Appointments are subject to cancellation with short notice or no notice provided to visitors.  All visitors must have a pre-scheduled appointment.  All visitors must be on a pre-approved list and bring Valid Identification upon checking in.   No items are allowed inside the visitors area.  No sleeveless tops, No low cut tops, Shorts and Skirts must be below the knee, Clothing must properly cover the midriff.  Any Visitor in clothing deemed inappropriate will be denied entering the visitation room.  Visitors are limited to 2 visitors inside the visitation area at one time per Inmate.  No items are to be brought in for inmates unless they have been pre-approved with the exception of a Money Order.  To schedule an appointment or for further Visitation requirements or questions call (256) 354-7713.